fine sailor

A couple of months ago, I bought a Sailor 1911s [Profit] fountain pen. Since I love their inks so much, I thought I'd familiarize myself with their pens too. I'd never written with a Sailor before, but I'd heard their nibs were supposedly finer ... even than Pilot's. So I opted for a medium nib… Continue reading fine sailor


another #3776

After having been almost euphoric about the blue Platinum #3776, I fell hard when I saw the photo of a new, pink one they were about to release. There were ways to pre-order from various American retailers, but I chose to go with the same, Japanese stationery store I'd ordered to blue from. This time,… Continue reading another #3776

nice cover

For the longest time, I've been wanting a refillable leather cover for my Seven Seas notebook. There are those made specifically for this notebook, but they've been out of stock since last year some time. I've looked elsewhere, but wasn't sure the measurements would fit exactly. Besides the one in their website looked so nice so… Continue reading nice cover

impulse purchase

On Boxing Day [the day after Christmas], I was aimlessly browsing Amazon when this fountain pen appeared before me. It wasn't on my radar -- I'm not even sure it's a pen I would have been interested in normally. However, the picture and the price appealed to me, and I thought “What the heck?! I'll… Continue reading impulse purchase