Where I live, there’s no stationery- or pen store at all. The nearest one would be three hours’ drive from here.

After my misfortune with Moleskine, I guess I started browsing for notebooks online. Somewhere, somehow, I came across the brand name Clairefontaine and noticed it kept occurring quite often. I searched in Amazon for that name, and sent for one book. It came here all the way from Japan.

When I opened it, and just touched the paper — hadn’t even started to write — I was in awe! I wasn’t aware of paper like this even existed!

Once I started writing on it, I was hooked forever … both on Clairefontaine and fountain pens. It was such a different experience and delight! Now I was stuck in the world of fountain pens forever.

Since I’d bought my pen in Staples and they had a very limited selection of fountain pens, I realised my choice had been … hasty. My pen felt too slim and delicate … it felt like holding a spaghetti, and the grip was slippery.
img_3341Now that I’d come to discover Amazon too — that used to be just a place to buy books for me — I started to look into other [Cross] pens. I was still stuck on that brand. I realised this was my new “hobby” or interest in life, so I thought “why not go for a more high-end one?!” The one I had was one of their cheapest in the line-up. Went for a beautiful Century II black beauty. Apparently, these were the only photo I took of it.

At first, it was heavenly to write with and I loved it. I think I still miss it a little … I feel a little tug on my heart strings when I think of it. After a couple of days, it started skipping up-strokes. Eventually it exacerbated to the pen not writing at all! I performed all the usual things you’re told to do, but the problem kept coming back. I still don’t know whether I got a dud, but I returned it and got refunded. snif

As you can see in this picture, I’d already gone down the rabbit hole of Midori notebooks when this picture was taken🙂 I didn’t stay in that hole too long though …


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