For some time I was really into Midori [Traveller’s notebook]. There’s like a whole ‘movement’ around them. People make  them themselves and call them ‘fauxdori’, they make their own inserts and all kinds of stuff. I’m not into crafts or art –I didn’t feel at home in that world at all. Besides … I could at the most have used it with three, thin notebooks in it.

After I’d discovered Clairefontaine paper, the Midori didn’t hold the same ‘allure’ to me. Also, I’d found a small, online stationery shop here in Canada, and they actually carried more different Clairefontaine books than I could find in Amazon.

I write Morning Pages. This means three full pages every morning … so you fill up a lot of notebooks. I don’t do A4, but rather A5 so it isn’t as ‘bad’ as it may sound🙂

I’d given up on Midori (I had the passport format), but still wanted a good quality, leather cover for my smaller notebooks. After a great amount of online searching I found an excellent manufacturer out in British Columbia, Canada. I couldn’t go for any American supplier because that means you have to pay lots in duties.

dsc_0793Took my chances that the cover I’d ordered would fit the smaller Clairefontaine book. Originally it was made for FieldNotes, and that’s not my preferred brand. It arrived quicker than I’d expected and it fits beautifully. Wonderful quality leather — it’s one of the best purchases I’ve made! It can hold two notebooks, actually, without problems.



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