After that heartbreak with the Cross pen, I’d decided to hold off making any decision about any high-end pen. In the meantime I bought a yellow Lamy. It was great and affordable — it wrote, right out of the box, never missed a stroke. It felt very comfortable, in spite of being very plastic, so I bought a few more, in different colours. My yellow one had an F nib, which I found just a wee bit too broad for my taste. Next one was a charcoal Lamy with EF nib … black. That too writes like a dream. Then I bought one white and a blue one … just because they looked nice.

dsc_0825One time, in the beginning of all this, I’d seen a Pelikan pen in Amazon that I’d put on my wish list for no other reason than it was beautiful. It had been sitting there since April … every now and then I went in there and just looked admiringly at it🙂

Finally I thought “what am I waiting for?”, and went ahead and bought it. It arrived from some place in Germany, I inked it up and it was Love!

fullsizerender-10I’ve hardly touched my Lamys since it arrived, but tonight I brought them all out. I still like them, they’re very … trusty. Especially the yellow one. They’ve taught me how different nibs can be, even though they’re the same brand and the same width. The blue one isn’t Safari, by the way … it’s an AL-star.


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