love sonnet

dsc_1012The other day, my Parker Sonnet arrived. It came to me from in Quebec. In the beginning, I’d thought I’d have one, more ‘high-end’ pen in my collection. I already had the Pelikan, but was never happy with the stainless steel nib on it.

As time went by — and I also had the chance to try a Parker Sonnet in real life — I thought I’d have an Parker pen too.

When it arrived, and I inked it up with Rohrer + Klingner königsblau … it was Love! 🙂 If this had been my first fountain pen, I doubt I would have had any other. I could lose them all, except the Pelikan and the Sonnet.

It has a fine nib, but it lays down a line that’s more like medium in my books. I’m totally okay with it. I’m so over those extra-fine nibs that I find to be scratchy. Now that I don’t have to worry about smudging [dragging my left hand over the text] anymore, this is the nib size for me.

The weight of it is right, and I also have a thing for these matte black … brushed metal, or whatever it’s called, barrels.

Since all this started, back in June, I’ve found online forums, with thousands of people like me … that love fountain pens. Good thing I found them, otherwise I would’ve thought I was going nuts.

There’s a lot of talk there about «finding one’s ‘grail pen’». The question was raised: «what if you find your grail pen … will you stop buying then?» One guy replied; “I don’t refer to them as ‘grail pens’, but merely as ‘milestones'” 🙂. Right now, however, this Sonnet is my grail pen and blue Quink my grail ink. The latter, I’m not so sure of, though … there will always be others, and Iroshizuku asa-gao is always beckoning me. So far I’ve resisted … only ordered a sample vial.



4 thoughts on “love sonnet”

  1. Glad you have found a pen you like so much 🙂

    I never was a lover of Quink – too watery for my taste. I am happy with the Cross ink because it is a bit deeper and darker.


    1. Blue Cross ink is still my goto ink. I’ve even bought a spare bottle, in case it would get discontinued. I’m used to those things happening to me 🙂


    1. It’s something about it … the feeling, I can’t describe it fully 🙂

      My first Pelikan, I bought a replacement nib for … a two-toned M400.


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