precious real estate

When my interest for fountain pens and handwriting was awakened and I started to realise I would want more than one pen, I set a limit … made an agreement with myself: «not more than twelve».

As of yesterday, I’d reached eleven.

For several months now, there’s been one pen that just wouldn’t leave my mind. I tried to stop thinking about it … to reason with myself … nothing worked. I kept going back to the website where I knew they still had it (it’s a limited edition).

It was taking up precious real estate in my mind, for free, and there was no way to clear it out. Last night we were talking, my husband and I, and he suggested I’d buy it and see it as a Christmas gift or whatever.

It’s now on its way here from Quebec, of all places. There is a pen store in Quebec City, which I visited many times while we lived there. Just to look around — I’ve always liked pens — and the woman working there was an English-speaker.

Now that I’ve reached my limit … my ‘wall’, it feels good not having to debate with myself about whether to buy it all the time. Okay, that wall could be made of butter for all I know! Heh!

When it arrives, I will post about it. For sure 🙂  It’s a beauty. It ships today, which is Friday and then it will go to Dieppe, N.B. for some stupid reason, so the best scenario would be Wednesday, but more likely Thursday. I’m in a holding pattern 🙂

The ink bottle in  the picture, is one of the big mistakes I mentioned in previous post. The only reason I haven’t poured it down the drain is it makes a beautiful desk ornament. It’s the most uninteresting blue I’ve ever seen. Had I not known better, I would have thought it was one of those «blue-black».



4 thoughts on “precious real estate”

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