dsc_1090Pelikan release these limited editions of ink and fountain pens every year, in the series Edelstein (=gem stone). Last year’s … 2015 … was Amethyst.

I haven’t been into this stuff for long, so I only found out recently. This year was Aquamarine, and I’m not too keen on that, but I fell hand over heels for Amethyst.

Can’t say that it is my favourite gem stone if I ever had one. I do have a certain connection to amethyst, though.

When I was a teenager I laid eyes on a ring in the local jewellery store back home. It was both the design of the ring as well as the sole amethyst that had me so incredibly drawn to it. I saved up as best as I could … I do think my mum added some money in the end … and I  was finally able  to buy it.

Even though I didn’t wear it all the time, I always treasured it.

I lost it when my first husband stole it and sold it for booze.

Hence, my ‘connection’ with amethyst. I’ve spent a considerable amount of time going back and forth in my deciding whether to buy it or not. Finally I got so fed up sitting there, gazing at it on one of the few places that still had one in stock, so I bought it.

Was a little bit worried about how I would feel about the stainless steel nib. That turned out to be unnecessary. The M205 nib is surprisingly smooth. I love to write with it.

Will I ever be able to load it with a different ink?! That remains to be seen 🙂


7 thoughts on “amethyst”

      1. That is funny, that’s going to be the same with me and the aquamarine lol. I got a bottle in trade but then decided on the pen and oddly the cheapest price I could find the pen for came with a fresh bottle. So jealous of your amethyst!


      2. Yes!!! It’s coming from the Netherlands and also there was a 16% off coupon code at the time. And they weren’t offering it without the ink. I think it was around $125 for the set with the ink and other places wanted $140 for just the pen. Set with the ink it is! 🙂


      3. My guys, here in Canada, offered it only with the ink — like a package deal. A little more expensive than yours; $249 [Canadian $], but I’m happy.


      4. Yeah! Happiness is what counts for sure. I got super ripped off on a j.herbin ink before I knew better but the color was great so I didn’t complain much 🙂


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