good for self-esteem?

Came across this article in BBC News. It’s been interesting to find out that fountain pens are still used in schools in, for example, Germany. Other countries too, I’ve learnt during my short ‘journey’.

Learnt from a German, fellow blogger, that kids use the Lamy brand there. I found this interesting since never during my time in school did I come in contact with fountain pens. We used pencils when I started out 1962, and eventually graduated to ballpoint pens. The only one in my surroundings I ever saw using a fountain pen was my mother, and that was rare. She only brought it out on special occasions.


2 thoughts on “good for self-esteem?”

  1. Oh you didn’t use fountain pens at school? We did! It was gruesome. Ink all over the place. I think the reasoning behind this was to teach us not to put excessive pressure on the pen when learning to write.


    1. Wow! Such different customs, in different countries. I’ve heard several countries doing this.

      There was a cavity in our desks, for ink well, but that was because they were old — went back to when they wrote with steel nib on a wooden handle.


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