Sad Story

My Parker Sonnet, which I love so much, is on its way to France (!) for … repairs?!

Last week, I noticed it was leaking. At first, I thought it was just me … that I hadn’t inserted the feed properly after flushing, or something like that. However, after several attempts and explorations, I noticed the leak was located at metal ring in the grip section, just where you insert the feed/nib.

Went into the seller’s website and it turned out they only allowed fifteen days return. I’d had my pen for thirty days exactly. Contacted them, and they told me to send it in, which I did the same day. I sent it from here in Atlantic Canada to them in Ontario.

Then I contacted them again to find out what the procedure was and how long it would take. Bear in mind, this is my favourite, darling Sonnet we’re talking about! In spite of owning beautiful Pelikans and others, this is my goto pen and love. The kind lady there, explained it would be sent to France! Yes! France, Europe! From there back to Ontario and then, eventually back to me in Atlantic Canada. I have no idea when I will see it again.

I’m sad.


5 thoughts on “Sad Story”

    1. That’s what Gerry said too 🙂 «it will only write French when it gets back». Only fourteen lines at the time then, I guess LOL


  1. Hey, use the stuff that’ sitting and take comfort it will come back in superbe condition and make you writing even more tre bien!
    For the rerord, I have no idea what I just wrote! 😉



  2. […] fountain pen collector per se, in spite of the fact I have nine. Well … eight — one is on its way to France 🙂  All of them were bought for different reasons, such as colour, beauty, cuteness or […]


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