expanding flock

img_3837I’m not a fountain pen collector per se, in spite of the fact I have nine. Well … eight — one is on its way to France 🙂  All of them were bought for different reasons, such as colour, beauty, cuteness or brand.

This has only been going on since June this year, and one of the first I fell in love with because of pure beauty, was a Pelikan. Eventually I acquired it, and recently also another Pelikan (Amethyst).

For quite some time I’ve been thinking about the fact I don’t have one pen that takes «standard international cartridges». I use bottled ink all the time, but I’ve been thinking about it and how convenient it would be for travelling. Not that I travel often, but it happens.

Pelikan have always been very devoted to their piston filling mechanism, but a few years ago, I guess they caved under the pressure and released the P-series. P2** accepts both converter and long international standard cartridges. They are plain looking black and their nibs are supposedly corresponding to M200-series.

My P205 arrived on Friday. One Edelstein Sapphire cartridge was included, so I plugged it in right away. It’s a smooth writer, but I have a feeling the nib is somewhat finer than the M200. Now, I’m not sure … it could be all in my head 🙂

A number of brands carry international standard cartridges; Diamine, Faber-Castell, Visconti, J. Herbin … just to mention a few. Kaweco and of course Pelikan themselves. If you’re too ‘lazy’ to do the syringe filling from ink samples … well, then a whole new world opens up.



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