I don’t have a Visconti pen … it’s not a brand I feel myself drawn to.

In fact, it’s quite amazing how I, in only a few months, have already found my preferences when it comes to all this stuff in the fountain pen world … brand of pens, paper, inks and so on.

vistonti_containersNow, I couldn’t resist the cute, little bakelite containers with Visconti ink cartridges. As I bought the Pelikan P205 in order to be able to use international standard cartridges, I might as well try a few.

The brown, I wrote about in previous post, but here it is again — this time in a wetter pen [Nemosine Singularity]. The blue has gotten here too. I felt excited about that before it arrived, because of some review I’d read. Also by online samples. Okay, it’s a nice blue ink, but nothing more. It’s very close to Quink or Sheaffer Skrip.




6 thoughts on “Visconti”

      1. I’ve found with surprise that I like to write long-hand, something I wasn’t doing for a long time. And the colours ad colour to it 😉


      2. I do find writing longhand different, as opposed to typing on a keyboard … and that’s something I’ve felt for a long time — not just since I started this fountain pen stuff.


      3. I’ve been writing in longhand a lot recently and I discovered that I can’t spell in longhand. I got too used to various tools that correct your spelling as you type. I was quite horrified to realise that I can’t write in proper English when it’s longhand.


      4. You’re experiencing the exact same thing as I! For a while I was wondering if one can get dyslexia at the age of sixty. I write in English too [don’t ask me why … I could have written in Swedish]. When I look back, I notice how I skip letters in perfectly ordinary words … I get scared. All those spell-checkers and whatever I’ve used for more than twenty years must have made me very lax.


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