Found this WordPress theme I like … Libre 2.

For a while, I felt a little confused about the widgets. There’s a sidebar for widget and also space for them in the footer. Normally I prefer sidebar, so I put them there.

The thing about this theme is, when you’re at the front/index page, the sidebar won’t show. Only on posts. There’s no way of change that. I tried.

Now … I’m okay with the footer widgets, since it loads “more posts” without having to reload the whole page.

mewnibI’d planned to have the domain name hernibs dot com mapped here [to WordPress dot com], but there are some problems with that. Besides, I’ve taken a certain liking to nibsmeow. It reflects both my interest in fountain pens and the love of my cat. I made that little icon myself … sort of …  and I feel childishly proud of that.


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