nice cover

For the longest time, I’ve been wanting a refillable leather cover for my Seven Seas notebook. There are those made specifically for this notebook, but they’ve been out of stock since last year some time. I’ve looked elsewhere, but wasn’t sure the measurements would fit exactly. Besides the one in their website looked so nice so I waited. Today, I’m very thankful I did. It finally arrived, and it’s every bit as lovely as it looked in the photos. Excellent quality, and the texture of the leather is so soft … just to pick it up and hold it is a delight!


Today also a bunch of ink samples arrived. There was one I was most curious about; Akkerman #28 Hofkwartier Groen. I’d only seen online ink samples, and I wanted to see it in real life. I love it! Don’t know I would buy a full bottle, because I wouldn’t know when to use it, but still … it’s unusual and lovely 🙂 My cellphone photo doesn’t do it justice. I really don’t know how to take these ink photos to get them right.




8 thoughts on “nice cover”

  1. The cover sounds luscious Rebby…it that is even possible. I have a journal with a cover I love to stroke. It was a gift as I could not afford such a fancy journal on my own….
    And the ink color is pretty; kind of an apple green….
    ((hugs)) Sherri-Ellen


    1. Yeah, it’s exactly the type of leather I could only dream it would be. So soft to the touch, like Italian leather and not too thick and heavy.

      Yes that ink colour is a bit like Granny Smith LOL I’ve ordered a full bottle now.

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  2. Hi Rebby, There’s a trick I use for doing photos of my pottery which might be of help to you here as well… Glare is always an issue for showing the rich interworking of glaze on clay, so I do my photography outside in the shade, using the subtle natural light in mid afternoon, once the sun’s starting to drop and, “Presto!” the details and textures are much more pronounced – but without the distortion of glare: )

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    1. Yes, and preferably with the real camera instead of the cellphone … but it’s so damned convenient 🙂
      To see an ink’s full properties, I always have to bring it to the window, since my desk lamp has LED light. A burgundy can look brown here …

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