fabercastell_pensA friend in Germany sent me this pink ballpoint pen from Faber-Castell some time ago. It’s a good quality pen, like all other stuff they make.

By chance, I came across the corresponding fountain pen in an English website. It was inexpensive and I bought it. Wanted to see whether the nib of this pen was as good as the one on Faber-Castell Loom.

It is great, actually. It feels hard as nails, but writes beautifully once you get used to how ‘stiff’ it feels.

The whole pen feels very sturdy … the type I wouldn’t mind carry with me in my handbag.

This is really a lousy picture. Perhaps I should have waited … could have done a better job on it tomorrow in daylight. The black pen has the same fingerprint ‘decoration’ as the pink one. They’re called Faber-Castell WRITink. Click the link to see what it really looks like, please 🙂  One wonders how they pronounce that … ?!




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