from Japan …

dsc_1236The other day I finally received a bottle of ink I ordered back in October. I’d pretty much given up hope. Since I believed this particular ink would be my “grail blue”, I was weighing back and forth whether to re-order it from elsewhere.

I opened the package, and together with the bottle, out came this little … ‘thing’! It was flat at first, but I opened it up a bit — it sits here on my desk now. It’s intriguing … someone did all this folding … it’s tempting to open it up in full, but I won’t do that. Would probably never get it back together again 🙂. They hadn’t written anything with it. Here it is again, from a different angle.


img_4094The ink is Pilot’s Iroshizuku asa-gao. I’ve been told it means morning glory. It’s very bit as wonderful as I thought it would be … and more!

It was most definitely worth the wait. Of course I could have bought it here in North America, but the price difference is considerable. I paid less than twenty bucks with free shipping from Japan. Who’s in any hurry?!

I had no idea whether this would be a fast or slow drying ink. I just went for the colour. Now I’m glad I did. It dries in no time, even on Tomoé River paper [that’s a type of paper where it normally takes ages for ink to dry].

I don’t know that my not so scientific samples give full justice to its  glory but here you go anyway. They’re written on Tomoé River paper with a medium Pilot nib.




11 thoughts on “from Japan …”

      1. I remember it from when I took evening classes in calligraphy. The guy who taught us was interested in origami. I read Shogun as a book, it was thick, and I forced myself through it. I don’t know why I didn’t put it away.


  1. Oh the ink color is divine Rebby! And your penmanship also. You & a fine nib pen are made for each other!!
    An the Origami is lovely; it looks like a tower to me.
    (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen & **paw patsss** Dharth Henry xxx

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  2. I’m probably getting senile, I spent a minute trying to remember the word origami and failed, until I saw it in the comments… The origami is pretty awesome. It’s great when you order something and get a little gift with your order, no matter how small – it’s the thought. Also, this theme suits your blog so perfectly that I’m tempted to go ahead and apply it too. I didn’t like it so much in the theme showcase but I love it in action here.


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