dsc_1290Platinum #3776 Century is a very popular pen amongst fountain pen aficionados.

The more I read and looked at them in the forums, the more tempted I got. Not only because its breather hole is heart-shaped LOL.

For quite some time I debated with myself … watched more videos, read more blogs about it. For a while I had decided against it.

Then a friend here in town had bought one I got to try out in real life! Even though his had a fine nib, I sensed right away this was for me.

dsc_1297Went straight to Amazon when I got back and started looking for medium-nibbed 3776. I wanted a blue one with chrome — not gold — trimmings. Found one in a stationery store in Kobe, Japan. The price was alright but the estimated delivery time was amazing. I went for that one. Turned out to be a very pleasant customer experience. First off, they wrote me a personal email when I’d placed the order. On top of that it arrived even one day ahead of the estimated date! I got it on February 14 … St. Valentine’s Day 😍. Five or six days from Japan to Canada — that’s really something! Free shipping with tracking included.

The writing experience is … something else! I already own a few high-end pens with nibs that are buttery smooth. They glide over the paper in a way you can hardly feel you’re actually writing. I’ve often seen the word «feedback» being used in regards to nibs, but never fully understood what it meant. Now I do! This nib is smooth … very much so … but you can still feel you’re moving the pen across the paper. Not until now I’ve realised this is for me — it suits me perfectly. I had never experienced this before so I couldn’t have known.

This is a solid 14K, rhodium coated gold nib and it supposedly has a certain flex to it and I’d be able to get line variation. Now … as I’m left handed it doesn’t work to write that way. I get the thicker line in the wrong place so to speak, since we push the pen where right handed people pull. Doesn’t matter, I didn’t buy it for that purpose anyway.

The name, #3776 is the height of Mt. Fuji in metres.

If there’s any downside of this pen it would be it might take over totally from all the others.




11 thoughts on “#3776”

  1. They’re addictive, aren’t they? I’m waiting on my third 3776 to arrive. I always describe the “feedback” as a bit like a pencil — no resistance, but a bit of a sound. You were lucky to get the blue with rhodium trim!

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    1. They are, indeed! And now I understand the ‘feedback word’ … even on Tomoe River paper, I get it and I like it!

      Took a bit of searching in Amazon, since I was determined to get a medium nib, but finally found it. Happy 🙂


      1. This M nib … is good. I find it just a WEE bit finer than an M nib on a Pilot … and I’m pleased with that.


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