pink ink


I’ve talked about this ink before in the blog. It’s discontinued and that fact makes me happy to own one bottle of it. Strangely enough, it also makes me a little hesitant to use it which is plain stupid. It’s something psychological, just because I know I couldn’t find another bottle. With the amount of pink I use on a daily basis, this bottle would last me several lifetimes.

Today, I received a box of ink from Vanness … one bottle, and a few samples vials. They’re so nice, because they always enclose a random sample vial too. That way one might discover both colours and manufacturers one wouldn’t necessarily have found otherwise.

Today’s random sample was Pulchri by Akkerman … a Dutch ink manufacturer I’ve become well familiarised with lately. I inked up a Pilot 78G with it, and it was striking how close to Turmaline it was. Hence I made this, very unscientific, comparison here:


The above image is scanned. With the iPhone and a desk lamp, the colours didn’t come out right at all … it was actually better in the scanner!

Another random ink sample taken with the iPhone …


The header image in this post is Turmaline in a glass of water …



10 thoughts on “pink ink”

      1. Haven’t seen a ruby in many years, but yes … they do! Admittedly; I didn’t know about tourmaline before this ink, in the Edelstein series. This year’s colour is called Smoky Quartz 🙂 It’s not bad, but I’m not attracted to it … I’ll wait for next year’s. I have amethyst, sapphire and tourmaline.

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      2. It’s Pelikan. The full name is Pelikan Edelstein Turmaline. They have their regular inks too, but they’re just called Pelikan 4001 and then the colour.

        Edelstein [German] = gemstone

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