another #3776

After having been almost euphoric about the blue Platinum #3776, I fell hard when I saw the photo of a new, pink one they were about to release.

DSC_1331There were ways to pre-order from various American retailers, but I chose to go with the same, Japanese stationery store I’d ordered to blue from. This time, straight from them — Amazon wasn’t an option this time. They were extremely helpful when it came to filling out the ordering page [it was all in Japanese]. Same pleasant experience … the pen arrived at my door after six days.

That’s quite amazing it takes a lot less time to order straight from Japan, than from the regular pen store in Virginia, US. It’s the border that’s the bottleneck. I sometimes sensed that it’s faster to order from Europe too. I’ve had several pens coming in, both from Cult-Pens in the UK and others from Germany.

Now, this pink pen — named Lilas (French for lilacs) — is every bit as lovely as the blue Chartres. I inked it up immediately, and it wrote just as smoothly, right out of the box. It’s a numbered, limited edition. Mine is 0232/2000.  I’d ordered a new ink, which I’d planned to use with this pen, but that seems to be stuck in Miami. They often get stuck there, of all places. So … instead, I inked it with Akkerman #20 Pulchri.

It might seem a little childish to chose inks matching the pen. Nobody would know what colour pen I wrote with anyway. It’s solely for my own writing pleasure.

The day this pen arrived, I had two parcels in the mail. I’d been hoping the pen would arrive, but wasn’t sure. The mailman handed me one box, which was an ink from the States … I noticed the name of the sender right away. I signed for that, and he took off. One minute later, there was another knock on the door, the mailman again and he said «Oh, you had this too!», and handed me a thick, padded bag from Japan. I got so happy, I could have done a happy dance and he laughed.




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